We Vigorously Representing Banks, Lenders and Creditors in Bankruptcy Court and Debt Collections

When it comes to debt collections, creditors, banks, and other lenders can enforce collections in a variety of ways. But the tables often turn once the debtor files for bankruptcy. You’ll need an experienced attorney to help navigate the intricacies of bankruptcy law when it comes to getting your money. We’ll protect your interests throughout the entire process of a debtor’s bankruptcy petition.

To fully protect the rights of creditors, you need attorneys that have extensive experience as well as a multi-dimensional understanding of bankruptcy law.  Lubliner Kish has the experience and know-how to represent creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. We help lenders recover loan payments and other debts.

We Work to Protect Creditor’s Rights During Bankruptcy

Before a debtor files for bankruptcy, lenders and creditors have many tools at their disposal to help them recover assets or collect receivables including:

  • Repossessing property
  • Foreclosing on notes and liens
  • Loan workouts
  • Perfecting security interests
  • Executing promissory notes
  • Instituting garnishments or attachments
  • Litigating loan disputes

Things become drastically different once a debtor files for bankruptcy. Once the debtor files an automatic stay of any of these proceedings is issued, all collections cease during the bankruptcy proceedings. Creditors suffer because now their receivables are either dramatically reduced or discharged altogether in bankruptcy.

Fortunately, there’s hope. A good attorney can help creditors can appeal to the court for relief from the stay. Then lenders can then resume their efforts to collect, even during a bankruptcy proceeding.

Having the right representation is crucial in protecting the rights and interests of the creditor. You’ll need the highly skilled and experienced attorneys of Lubliner Kish to vigorously representing you in debt collections. We will apply for relief from the automatic stay and get you your money by filing your proof of claim. We’ll monitor the proceedings to make sure your rights are protected.

With Lubliner Kish we’ll make sure your voice is heard during the development of any payment plan so that any objections you have to this plan can be submitted properly. We specialize in delivering creative solutions to challenging problems such as debt collections.

Lubliner Kish represents secured and unsecured creditors in all aspects of bankruptcy and related proceedings, including:

  • Asset and claim reviews
  • Cash collateral issues
  • Letters of intent
  • Section 363 sale approval and asset auctions
  • Negotiating with the debtor workouts and informal arrangements
  • Landlord/lease issues
  • Sale and purchase of business or business assets
  • Purchase agreements

Lubliner Kish is also well versed in litigation concerning bankruptcy litigation and adversarial proceedings including:

  • Attacking fraudulent transfers
  • Non-discharge-ability
  • Avoidance claims
  • Equitable subordination
  • Claim objections
  • Preferences

We Help Creditors, Banks and Lenders Get Their Money by Protecting Their Rights

We are experienced advocates that vigorously represent the rights of our clients. Call Lubliner Kish (561) 207-2018 for a free consultation, or email info@lubliner-law.com  — We’re Here to Help.