In riding a horse we borrow freedom. Helen Thomson

When it comes to the equine industry, the attorneys at Lubliner Law are passionate.  We understand both the emotional and business side of owning both pleasure and sport horses. We have successfully assisted our clients in a myriad of matters involving the buying, selling, and care of horses.

Equine Law is complex including all legal aspects of the horse industry and horse-related business drafting and reviewing contracts for the purchase, sale, and lease of horses, representation in disputes and litigation related to horse transactions and injuries, gaming laws, liability incurred by owners, trainers, riders, and students, and more.

We have successfully represented a myriad of persons and companies involved in the horse industry, ranging from Olympic equestrians to polo players, as well as professional and amateur riders, trainers, grooms, stable owners, coaches, farriers, and veterinarians, together with equestrian business entities such as breeding farms and horse transportation companies.

The scope of legal services that we provide in the equestrian arena include:

  • Equine Purchasing and Contract Review: Reviewing the fundamental terms of the contract, whether between buyer or seller, breeder and purchaser or a company and its vendors, is absolutely critical to protecting the client. It is critical to hire legal counsel to review any legal contracts formed as they will be the basis for determining a client’s ability to prevail in the event of a potential legal dispute. Our attorneys have thoroughly researched, analyzed and provided training on the statutory requirements for Equine Purchase and Sale Agreements, Bills of Sale, and all related legal obligations when selling or purchasing a horse.
  • Stall/Stable Purchasing and Leasing: Lubliner Law has the ability to create the necessary lease agreements to ensure you are protected either as a farm owner or a boarder.
  • Equine Leases: Our attorneys have extensive experience in analyzing important equine leases. Whether you are the lessor the lessee, utilizing legal counsel can assist in ensuring that your legal interests are fully protected.
  • Boarding, Breeding, and Training Agreements
  • Sales Disputes and Equine Fraud
  • Equine Insurance

We are experienced advocates that vigorously represent the rights of our clients. Call Lubliner Law (561) 207-2018 for a free consultation, or email  - We’re Here to Help.