While buying and selling property is a thrilling prospect it can also be confusing because the process is ripe with legal terminology and intricate laws. Let Lubliner Law provide you with comprehensive representation that will take the weight of worry off your shoulders. The attorneys of Lubliner Law are experienced in all aspects of the Real Estate Law arena.

Hire Lubliner Law to take on all the complex details of property law while protecting your rights. From doing the initial title search that will ensure that the seller actually has the legal right to sell the property, to making sure that all legal documents are completed and submitted on time.

Save Money

Lubliner Law can save our client’s money by ensuring a smooth buying and selling transition. Problems such as a buyer or seller pulling out of deal or loan documents with errors, a sales contract that does not have a termination clause for a failed inspection or owners that fail to reveal problems with the property such as mold are all things that can cost time and money. These can be avoided by having the right kind of representation. An attorney who has the kind of experience to ask the right questions, to avoid any problems that may come up. 

Fast-Track the Process

Lubliner Law has the kind of advanced technology that enables us to fast-track the settlement process with new data insolvency software. Everything is in one place —accessible to the team, no more wasting time hunting down documents. Entire settlement process can be completed in weeks, rather than months. Saving time, saving money.

The Closing - Looking out for You

Having the right real estate attorney is important. At Lubliner Law we pride ourselves on being able to help our clients understand the process. At closing, we explain the nature, amount, and fairness of closing costs. We can assure our clients that the closing documents are appropriately executed and explained to the various parties. Be ready for any last minute disputes such as delivering possession, personal property or adjusting various costs like fuel and taxes.

Don’t be the only one at the table who is unrepresented. You need a good lawyer — Hire us.

 We are experienced advocates that vigorously represent the rights of our clients. Call Lubliner Law (561) 207-2018 for a free consultation, or email info@lubliner-law.com  - We’re Here to Help.