Small businesses have many legal needs that require the same care that large businesses demand.  At Lubliner Law, we take great pride in serving small businesses throughout the states of Florida and New York. Utilizing the skills we’ve learned while working with large corporations we leverage that experience to help our clients grow and develop their small businesses.

We strive to become our client’s “personal in-house counsel” assisting with all of their legal needs. Since most small businesses simply can’t afford an in-house counsel — with our firm you’ll feel like you have one. Small businesses can have access to the same kind of business services that larger corporations have, tailor-made for their specific needs.

Issues Relating to Business Formation

The attorney's of Lubliner Law are experts in the field for forming corporate entities. If you require assistance in forming your corporate entity, we can ensure that it’s done properly using the appropriate legal entity so that your interests protected.

To make sure we’re making the most sound decisions from a tax perspective we will happily conduct a conference with your CPA, working in concert to best analyze your selection of a corporate entity. If you have companion immigration issues related to corporate formation, we are also happy to collaborate with your immigration counsel to ensure that all immigration concerns are taken into consideration with your corporate entity.

Contract Drafting & Review

At Lubliner Law we’re committed to protecting your legal interests. When entering into a contract with an employee or independent contractor, you’ll need a contract drafted to protect your legal interests and your proprietary information.

There are questions to consider — do you have a non-compete provision in your independent contractor agreement? Do you have a confidentiality provision in your independent contractor agreement? If you are leasing a commercial space, have you had your commercial lease reviewed by counsel to confirm that your interests are protected?

It’s critically important to have any contract that your business enters into reviewed by a lawyer before you sign on the dotted line. When you sign a contract with a vendor, such as the company that supplies your ink and toner, IT techs, or printer and copier vendor, you’re committing yourself legally to certain obligations. It’s important to have any contract that your business signs reviewed by an attorney.

Lubliner Law has a team of experienced attorneys who can review your vendor contracts ensuring that there are no red flags that may lock you into a liability if you become dissatisfied with the services of the vendor.

Once that contract is executed, you’re committed, and all of your future rights and responsibilities of that contractual relationship depends on how that contract is worded.

That’s why the right attorneys can draft and execute contracts that ensure that:

  • That the rights and responsibilities of the parties to the agreement are outlined;
  • That the term of the contract or the length of the agreement is defined;
  • That the jurisdiction of the contract is defined, so it is clear where a claim needs to be brought in the event of an alleged breach;
  • That mediation is set forth as a requirement before litigation being initiated by either party;
  • That you understand your ability to exit the contract if you become dissatisfied with the relationship.

Permits and Licenses

When opening a small business, our law firm can make sure that you have the appropriate permits and licenses and confirm that you are complying with local, state and federal laws.

At Lubliner Law we know that laws can be conflicting and unclear. That’s why you need a good team of attorney’s who are experts in permits and licensure to serve your needs and ensure that all paperwork is fully in order. We can also schedule an annual audit to confirm the continuation of the necessary permits and licenses.

We are experienced advocates that vigorously represent the rights of our clients. Call Lubliner Law (561)207-2018 for a free consultation, or email  - We’re Here to Help.