At Lubliner Law we are passionate about the equine industry and have committed ourselves to safeguarding our clients in the equine community. In doing this, we’ve built up our Equine Law practice using our most important asset — trust.

Trust is critical in this tight-knit community. In instilling this confidence, we can best serve our clients as legal experts and trusted advisors in an industry that’s driven by intellect as well as emotion.

The equine community is unique — comprised of owners of both pleasure horses, sport horses and sometimes a mix of each. We know it takes special people to train and care for these majestic creatures — our business is to take care of the people who care about them and this industry most.

The Practice of Equine Law — What is Involved in Equine Law?

The complex practice of Equine Law includes many nuances in this multifaceted industry.

Equine Law encompasses all legal aspects of the horse industry as well as all horse-related business. Some of the more common elements of Equine Law include drafting and reviewing contracts for the purchase, sale, and lease of horses; representation in disputes and litigation related to horse transactions and injuries, gaming laws, liability incurred by owners, trainers, riders, students, and more.

Horses themselves are unique under the law because of the many roles they play as property: Livestock, domesticated animals, transportation, athletes, show horses, entertainment, companion animals, patrol duties and crowd control, used in movies, racing — they’ve even been used in warfare.

Here are some common reasons you’ll need an attorney when it comes to the equestrian law:

  • General Equine and Horse Law
  • Lease Agreements
  • Breeding Contracts
  • Equine Litigation – Disputes and Support
  • Equine Purchase and Sales Agreements
  • Ranch Matters – Equine Real Estate
  • Equine Corporations, Partnerships and Incorporations
  • Equine Insurance Claims


Important Considerations in Equine Law


Coming to terms with a buyer, seller or person offering a service in the industry ensures that all parties have come to one mutual understanding. Negotiating terms to our client’s satisfaction is part of the job and a good reason to use a trusted attorney.

Solidifying agreements in areas such as Boarding, Breeding, and Training Agreements are critical in running your equine business. Making sure things are set in stone can prevent a lawsuit before one happens when everything is meticulously laid out in a clear contract.

The Importance of Equine Contracts

Anytime you’re dealing with the buying and selling of property there are contracts involved, and if you’re smart, you’ll use an experienced attorney to make sure it all goes smoothly.

At Lubliner Law, we protect our clients in their Equine Purchasing — sales and transfer agreements, by providing a fully comprehensive Contract Review.

The review is a process where we go over the fundamental terms of the contract, whether between buyer or seller, breeder and purchaser or a company and its vendors. Solidifying contracts is absolutely critical for protecting our clients. It’s our job to look out for our client’s future interests. Making sure you have a sound contract can mean the difference between winning and losing in court if there is a dispute.

Our attorneys are specially trained and well-versed on the statutory requirements for Equine Purchase and Sale Agreements, Bills of Sale, and all related legal obligations when selling or purchasing horses.

Stall or Stable Purchasing and Leasing

At Lubliner Law we’re experts in drawing up purchasing and leasing agreements. Our clients can sign documents with confidence knowing their best interests are fully protected.

Understanding Equine Leasing

There are so many things to consider when leasing a horse, at Lubliner Law, we’re here to think of everything — so that nothing is left to chance. Our attorneys have extensive experience in analyzing critical equine leases. Whether you are the lessor the lessee, utilizing expert counsel can assist in ensuring that your legal interests are fully protected in areas such as:

  • Payment Obligations
  • Routine Veterinary Care
  • Non-routine veterinary expenses
  • Restrictions on use — permitted riders, training, recreational use.
  • Restrictions on location — horse to be kept in particular locations. Where horse will be transferred in an emergency
  • Restrictions on trainers
  • Breeding
  • Equine insurance
  • Standard of Care
  • Quality of Care

Lubliner Law — Here for You When Things Go Wrong

Hopefully, you’ve successfully negotiated terms and have a contract that is solid. Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t live up to the scope of the contract and disagreements occur — Lawsuits happen, and when they do, there’s nothing better than having a trusted attorney who’s got your back.

At Lubliner Law we’re here for you in the case of a sales dispute, contract disagreement or an equine fraud suit. We’ll vigorously represent our clients and work hard to settle a lawsuit without having to go to court. If it does come down to having to go to court, we’ll fight for you while protecting your rights.

Our Successful Equine Law Practice

At Lubliner Law, we have successfully assisted our clients in a variety of matters involving the buying, selling and leasing of horses. We’ve helped our clients work out agreements in breeding and boarding. We’ve represented our clients in all aspects of the horse industry. Ultimately, we protect our client’s by doing diligent work to earn their trust. We are experienced advocates that vigorously represent the rights of our clients. Call Lubliner Law (561) 207-2018 for a free consultation, or email  — We’re Here to Help.