Equine attorneys represent buyers and sellers, as well as trainers, riders, students, stables, as well as associations in the equine industry.

Buying/Selling/Leasing a Horse

When it comes to buying, selling, or leasing a horse, we provide representation and legal guidance to ensure that your transaction is conducted properly, legally, and with proper recourse should you hit any obstacles. We also help mitigate and litigate any equine-related disputes. There are many Florida-specific laws when it comes to horse transactions, including disclosures of commissions to 3rd parties brokering sales.  Oftentimes, trusted trainers are put in a position to handle horse transactions – however handshake deals are all too common, posing a risk for both sides of a transaction.

When equine disputes happen

Not every equestrian transaction works out smoothly, which is why we work out all the details in writing, during the contract writing phase—so all parties understand the details of the deal. Oftentimes, we assist clients with contracts that we did not author, that resulted in the need for dispute resolution. We fight hard for our clients, but also exhaust the most cost-effective venues first, including mediation and arbitration—then, if need be, litigation.  The goal, however is to save our clients time and money by getting solid agreements in place proactively, so that these types of disputes can be minimized.

Liability can be a tricky subject when it comes to injuries from horse-related activities. While “inherent risk” is assumed, negligence can be the cause of an injury

Under Florida law (Chapter 773), an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.

don’t put the cart before the horse

Keep in mind that drafting agreements for equine-related transactions such as sales, leases, boarding, and training works best when addressed proactively.  Our attorneys also provide representation for cases involving breach of contract, as well as partnership transactions.

When dealing with equestrian transactions, there are also cases of misrepresentations and outright fraud, so it is important to have an experienced attorney in your corner. In addition to experience in equine law, it makes sense to have a well-rounded attorney to assist you, because many areas of law can come in to play when it comes to working with noble steeds and wild stallions. In fact, horses themselves are unique under the law because of the many roles they play as property: Livestock, domesticated animals, transportation, athletes, show horses, entertainment, companion animals, patrol duties, crowd control, used in movies, and racing.

At Lubliner Law we are passionate about the equine industry and are committed to protecting and defending our clients in the equine community. In doing this, we’ve built up our Equine Law practice using our most important asset — trust.

Trust is critical in this tight-knit community, and something that we don’t take lightly. As legal experts and trusted advisors, we can help guide you through any “red tape” so you can get back to doing what you love.

The equine community is unique — comprised of owners of both pleasure horses, sport horses and sometimes a mix of each. We know it takes special people to train and care for these majestic creatures — our business is to take care of the people who care about them and this industry most.

Equine Law Representation for:

  • Horse transactions (buying/selling/leasing)
  • General Equine and Horse Law
  • Lease Agreements
  • Breeding Contracts
  • Equine Litigation – Disputes and Support
  • Equine Purchase and Sales Agreements
  • Ranch Matters – Equine Real Estate
  • Equine Corporations, Partnerships and Incorporations
  • Equine Insurance Claims
  • Disputes and litigation related to horse transactions and injuries
  • Gaming laws

Our Successful Equine Law Practice

At Lubliner Law, we have successfully assisted our clients in a variety of matters involving the buying, selling and leasing of horses. We have also helped our clients work out agreements for breeding and boarding. We’ve represented our clients in all aspects of the equestrian industry. Ultimately, we protect our clients by doing diligent work to earn their trust. We are experienced advocates that vigorously represent the rights of our clients. Call Lubliner Law (561) 207-2018 for a free consultation, or email info@lubliner-law.com  — We’re Here to Help.