Like any other business, a homeowner’s association runs by collecting money. The association relies on homeowners to pay their monthly homeowners assessments (dues) on time so it can function. However, when the system breaks down, and homeowner’s fees become past due, a reliable attorney like Lubliner Law, can help with association collections.

The Homeowners Association — What it is, Why it Exists

The homeowner’s association is an organization of homeowners, generally who live in a subdivision, condominium, gated community or a planned unit development. They exist to provide the community a common goal or vision for preserving, maintaining and even enhancing their homes and property.

To do this, everyone has to pay their fair share. When everyone cooperates, the property is maintained at a level that the owners have all agreed to by buying in. However, some owners can become delinquent in payments, or may refuse to pay their dues at all. That’s why association collections is so important.

Homeowners Associations are Often Run by Novices

Many homeowner associations are self-managed, run by a group of homeowners, often volunteers, who are selected to serve on the Homeowner’s Association Board. The Board is then responsible for the daily Association activities. So, when one of the homeowners neglects to pay their dues, it becomes a real problem as board members and volunteers are often neighbors and have difficulty approaching the delinquent homeowner. Also, many members of the Association are completely unaware of the legalities and responsibilities of the collection process, and it is a process. Association collections is a tricky business with a slew of rules and regulations that can be complex and hard to stay on top of.

Get Reliable Help When It Comes to Association Collections — Hire Lubliner Law

That’s where a reliable law firm like Lubliner Law can come to the rescue, with solutions to the onerous chore of trying to get members to pay their homeowner’s association dues.

“Lubliner Law works aggressively with associations to collect on unpaid amounts due and owing to the Association by expeditiously following the collection procedures set forth in the Florida Statutes,” said Richard Lubliner.

Because homeowner associations work like a non-profit, they operate on a zero-based budget. Basically, they pay out everything they take in. With no profit or contingency in the budget, there is no wiggle room if someone doesn’t pay in. If a homeowner neglects to pay their fair share of dues, then expenses like landscaping, utilities or getting that broken gate fixed, can’t be paid.

Unfortunately, if the homeowner refuses to pay their fees and continues to be noncompliant, the Association’s last resort may be to file a lien against the homeowner and foreclose on the property. This would require the meticulous work of a trustworthy attorney to work in the best interest of the Association and file the right legal documents.

Decrease Outstanding Accounts Receivable and Get Paid with Lubliner Law

By employing Lubliner Law, associations can decrease their client’s outstanding accounts receivable and get paid. The firm stays on top of the process and provides monthly collection reports to each of their associations. Boards don’t have to worry about if they’re handling the challenging collection process correctly because, with a firm ethical standard, Lubliner Law always complies with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

In some cases, Lubliner Law may be able to defer their legal fees and front most of the collections-related costs because they acquire their legal fees from the actual collection efforts against the delinquent owners.

Team with Lubliner Law for Association Collections and all of Your Association’s Legal Needs

Having a knowledgeable attorney to take care of homeowner’s association dues collection is an investment in the Association and will save the board and its members time, money and aggravation over time.

Better yet, build a relationship with your attorney and have them onboard with your Association to act as a trusted partner. Having reliable legal representation can help protect the HOA’s authority to govern as well as its financial well-being.

Partnering your HOA with an experienced firm like Lubliner Law is useful for a variety of reasons.

Lubliner Law will get to know your association’s individual needs and can help your Association with all of the necessary legal work like drafting, interpreting and enforcing the community’s by-laws. We’ve got the Association’s back in the event of a dispute with a contractor, or if an outside vendor fails to live up to what they’ve promised.

A reliable firm like Lubliner Law will be able to handle all of your HOA legal needs such as:

  • Drafting of Founding and Governing Documents
  • Interpretation and Enforcement of By-Laws and Other Governing Documents (CC&Rs).
  • Collection of Fines, Monthly Dues
  • Filing of Liens or Articles of Foreclosure Against a Resident

A law firm like Lubliner Law is adept at preparing all legal documents and negotiating a resolution when necessary.

“Working with the Board, and Property Manager, we expeditiously, and efficiently move matters through the statutorily prescribed process,” said Lubliner. “We are available 24/7 for our clients, and responsiveness is one of our most applauded assets.”

Our attorneys have vast experience and knowledge and can provide you the exact guidance you’ll need throughout the legal process and in restructuring to achieve your goals. Ultimately, we protect our client’s by doing diligent work to earn their trust.

We are experienced advocates that vigorously represent the rights of our clients. Call Lubliner Law (561) 207-2018 for a free consultation, or email  — We’re Here to Help.